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Friday Fast #PrayerfulResistance

Instead of eating  breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we invite you to fast and pray with us on a six Fridays in the Lenten season. Through meditating on the Lord's Prayer, the Prayer of St. Francis, a Franciscan Benediction, and Philippians 4, we desire for God  to shape us into servants who are able to love our neighbors as ourselves by the power of his Holy Spirit at work in us. Three times a day join us in repeating these three prayers! Download the prayer card here

Additionally to this prayer, we invite you to write out your own Psalms with us. You may use this exercise here. Following this framework will allow you to bring your pain, sadness, fear and desires to God and receive His love, peace, joy and provision. Please post your prayers on social media and spread the word  with the #FridayFast.