The vision of Feed 500 and Feed-a-Few is to develop a generation of leaders who are able meet the most vulnerable on our streets with food and resources sustained by the love and compassion of Christ. Every person is made in the image of God to flourish, create, work, and rule. Food and resources coupled with loving relationship, if even for a moment as we connect with the vulnerable around us can go very far. Check out this story from Sarah Ngu.


FEED 500

"One lunch is for you and one lunch is for the person you are going to meet." 

Feed 500 is a training experience focused on informing, inspiring and equipping individuals to better serve our marginalized brothers and sisters who live on the streets. These events take place regularly and are hosted by InterVarsity's NYCUP Director, Jonathan Walton.

Here is what Feed 500 looked like in action after Hurricane Sandy. 



"You don't need an event to love your neighbor". 

Our "Feed-a-Few" trainings develop individuals to lead communities to renewal and transformation through meeting the poor and integrating service into your every day life. Leaders are able to meet the needs of those around them on a daily basis and also lead similar outreaches with their small groups, churches, fellowships and friends. 

For more information about the next Feed 500 & Feed-a-Few, please check our events calendar or email jonathan.walton@intervarsity.org.

For a copy of the Feed 500 and Feed-A-Few Manual, click here