“Transforming consumers into stewards.”

InterVarsity’s New York City Urban Project exists to develop leaders with the character and capacity to change the world through Christ-centered, dynamic experiential learning. We give concrete tools to live out a holistic, transformative Gospel. LOGOFF (Local, Green, Organic, Fair, Free)  is one of those tools to live like Jesus and invite others to follow Him.

God created us to rule, work, flourish and create in Genesis 1 and 2. But a close reading shows that this flourishing is not individual, but includes all of creation. It is clear that we are called to be stewards, not consumers, though our culture says the opposite. 

Therefore the LoGOFF Movement aims to transform consumers to stewards as God intended! Click to see our complete LoGOFF Definition w/ Practical Steps to Pray, Partner, Purchase and influence Policy along with our Cheat Sheet!  Also, these three prayers guide our times with God as we press into a new identity as stewards, not consumers. Print out the card—one for you and one for someone else—and get going!  The best way to be a part of this is to Pray, Partner, and Purchase in your home context. 

The 4 P's of living Logoff are Pray, Partner, Purchase and Policy-shape. 

We PRAY to bring people, places and powers that are vulnerable exploitation and could/do exploit others to the Jesus because is able to set us free.

We PARTNER with places where vulnerable people we meet may receive the services they need. Perhaps, you meet a homeless man on the street, a family of immigrants who just arrived here or a single mom trying to find a mentoring service for her son. We will log people and organizations able to help us love our neighbors.

We PURCHASE  from businesses, restaurants and services online and in-person where we are able to invest in freedom and not exploitation of people and the planet. 

We POLICY-shape based on the relationships and resources that God has gifted us with and we give back to Him in worship to reflect the Shalom He intended.


Here are some resources that can help broaden your knowledge and inspire you and your community. 


1. Rape in the Fields

2. The Story of Stuff

3. Michael Bittman – What’s Wrong With What We Eat

4. Tricked – an in depth look at domestic sex-trafficking.

5. Forks Over Knives

6. Fresh

7. CowSpiracy (Film) 

8. DamNATION (Film)


1. Myths and Misconceptions about Sexual Exploitation

2. Tim Keller, “Generous Justice

3. Steve Corbett & Brian Fickert, When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor…And Yourself. 

4. Christians and Immigration by Sojourners

5. Making Peace with the Land, Fred Bahnson & Norman Wirzba

6. Tools for Biblical Self-Care and Nurturing Relationships While Doing Justice


1. Sunder Krishnan, “Pray Big and Pray Bold” (Sermon)

2. Tim Keller, “Can Faith Be Green” (Sermon)


1. LoGOFF Scavenger Hunt: This is a fun, informative way to take a step into integrating stewardship into our every day purchases. We are stewards, not consumers.